April 5, 2011

Finally taking the time to write about my trip to Los Angeles California or as the cool kids call it LA. I have been wanting to go for quite some time and things never seem to come together till recently. I had lost my job and things weren’t so great at home. I figured this could be a scouting trip to see if I would like the place before I start job hunting. I have a film degree and LA is the film and tv capital of the world.

Plus I have a great friend who lives there and is actually from nearby originally. We went to the same school and get along pretty well even though I guess we’re almost complete opposites of each other: east coast/west coast red sox/dodgers celtics/lakers very fashionable/what’s fashion? mustang/firebird vegetarian/meat eater what’s a comic book/comic book geek  actually we have some things in common latin music film baseball dirty minds (my fave part). Enough about her.

I went to LA for adventure and yes I had a few. Getting there was an adventure in itself. I couldn’t sleep the night before so I spent all night packing and ripping movies for the flight. When I looked out the window I found a good 6” of snow on the ground and more on the way. Driving with a messed up steering system is not fun w/o snow and really not fun w/ snow. After 2hrs of not crashing in cars, snowbanks and people I finally reached Portland for my first leg of the trip….Next stop Boston and the airport. Thankfully the trip to airport was quick and uneventful. I was finally getting excited for the vacation and when the lady at the counter asked where was I going today I grinned moronically and said Los Angeles.

She wasn’t impressed. But she did let me continue on my way…actually she tried to get me out of Boston quicker. I still don’t know if she was being nice or she really thought I was nuts and believed that Boston would be safer w/o me in it.

After going though the slowest security line known to mankind, I made my gate to realize that they were merging my new earlier flight w/ my old one. This didn’t go other well with a lot of passengers. This almost open hostilty carried itself across the entire flight as the conditions where horrible as witnessed by my drive to Portland.

We finally landed in Newark NJ 2 1/2hrs later as the captain announced that people with connections to other designations be let off first….the lid blew off. While most people were nice enough to let other go ahead of them, there were a select few who had it and weren’t going to take it anymore. Lucky me it happened in 2 rows of me when one woman cut in between another woman and her husband.  For a minute I didn’t know if I was on an airplane or front row at an UFC fight. Thankfully after 5 minutes of yelling and posturing we all got the chance to get the hell of the plane.

Yea!!!! I was happy for 2 reasons being off the plane and one step closer to LA.  All I had to do was kill two hours at Newark and on to the next plane. Found a quiet spot near the windows and pulled out my camera.

Yes those are action figures…….and yes I do take pictures of them….and yes people do look at me like I’m nuts. Do I care???? Not a fucking bit. Plus as my flight was delayed by an hour and a half I had plenty of time to take pics.

Yes the guy in the green is giving “bunny ears” to the guy in the red….that is the point no deeper meaning other than superheroes just wanna have fun.

Finally after being held up by US Customs the cleaning crew and taxiing the plane from terminal on the other side of the airport…we can board and go to LA!!!!!!

LA at night from the air……obviously. Not some of my best work :-(

YEA!!!!! LA. I arrive at 9/9:30pm PDT 12/12:30 EST only 2 1/2 hrs late. Lucky for me my friend being the organized genius that she is all ready knows I’m late and has planned accordingly. She meets me at the baggage claim and we hit the street in her mustang (I can’t stand ford. pontiac’s are better. firebird/transam rules) ….I won’t ever tell her this to her face. Her mustang is the only one I like. Hopefully they won’t take away my trans am fan club membership. My first meal in LA…In n Out Burger. This fast food chain came highly recommended by everyone I spoke to about LA. Head’s up a double double is no joke. And whatever you do never compare In n Out to McDonald’s. Plus the fries (made from maine potatoes) and milkshakes are to die for. While stuffing my face I got to experience LA freeways. I don’t like freeways…but my friend is totally in control of them. If I can master them I would like LA a lot more. 

I was never so happy to see a couch in my life when I arrived at my friend’s apartment. After being up for over 24hrs, I was beyond ready for a hot shower and some sleep. After hanging out and having a beer I met my friend’s roommate an editor and her boyfriend a sound mixer (my friend’s boyfriend, not the roommate’s). The sound mixer was kind enough to give me a quick tour of Hollywood and the Hollywood hills the next day. Finally sleep zzzzz.

The tour by sound mixer.

First Stop Hollywood Forever cemetery. You’ve probably heard about of it or seen it in films. It’s where they show old movie against a huge white wall. They also have famous people buried there. Famous people like Joey Ramone

I have no good explanation for that face…….all the more reason why I am not a model.

Next Stop

Hollywood Blvd and the Walk of Fame

After the cemetary we went to check out Hollywood Blvd

Gruman Chinese Theater w/ Korean Tourists who love to get their pictures taken.

The view from the walking bridge at Hollywood and Highland in the distance you can see the Hollywood sign

Better shot from the same place.

This leads us on a quest for the best and closest shot of the sign. Head’s up the sign is surrounded by a chain link fence cameras and the park service. I have no idea what the fine is for trespassing in LA county is….odds are it’s more then I would like to pay. Attempt at your own risk.

Next Stop Griffin Park and the BATCAVE!!!!!!

That is the entrance to  THE BATCAVE!!!!!!! for the 1966 Batman TV series with Adam West and Burt Ward. The rest of the cave was in a soundstage at Desliu Studios in Culver City. The proper name is Bronson Caves in Bronson Canyon.  It’s really easy to get to short walk from the parking lot. Head’s up there are rattlesnakes in the area, so wear proper footwear and keep an eye out. Bonus if you hike up a small ridge there’s a great view of the Hollywood sign and some of the million dollar houses clinging to the cliffsides.

After hiking down sound mixer and I decided to continue our hunt for the best view of the sign.

Sound mixer and I did what I like to call adventuring. We toured up every side street in the hills including going the wrong way on a one way street. BTW it was awesome. Until we found this view in some guys driveway.

We even found a place that he (sound mixer) had never been before. Score!!!

Great view of LA if you can see through the smog. LA the only place in the world where you wake to the sound of birds coughing.

After all the exploring I had a show taping to attend the one the only Craig Ferguson. YEA!!!!!!!!!! and Geoff Peterson as well.

Fifth in line at 2pm for the 3 o’ clock taping. Excitement builds. The people in line where pretty cool and had some advice about LA and what do in town if you’re new. In n Out burger was often mentioned along with cruizing Sunset and the Griffin Observatory.  Sadly I have no pictures of this mini adventure as my phone was confiscated by CBS security along with a carrot for Secretariat Craig’s dancing horse.  It was a great bit created by me and a big fan of Craig’s back home. Craig was awesome along with Amanda Peet.

After Craig I tried my first vegan meal at Pure Luck on Melrose. It was ok the rosemary fries were cool but I love the mexi coke in the big glass bottle. It reminded me of the glass bottles from Lima.

After dinner my friend and I checked out the Griffin Observatory for some the best views of LA at night.

The Griffin Observatory is awesome and it’s free except some of the movies that they show we may need tickets for. Oh the Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon theater is great for necking according to Mrs. Nimoy. I’ll remember that for next time. Hehehe. The views are awesome from the roof and science displays are great. Check the pendulum in the front hall its a big draw and my friend’s favorite exhibit.

First Night in LA. Ladies night at Birds in West Hollywood. My friend’s favorite bar, plus she knows everyone there and discovered she wanted to own her own bar when and if she grows up. Of course she had to reserve the booth with the stripper pole. Still don’t know what to think about that. And no there are no photos I left my camera at home.

Saturday the LA challenge.

In a word…awesome. It’s a trivia contest across downtown LA. A great way to learn about a new city. If you do it take 5 mins solve the questions and then come up w/ the fastest route. It’s easier that way. We covered Oliviera St Pershing Square Walt Disney Concert Hall Angel’s Flight The Bradbury Building and a lot more.   A team completed the challenge in an hour and a half that way. We took almost 3 hrs and covered over 4 miles w/ my friend soldiering though a hangover from last night and a sore knee. We chilled with pizza and Glee that night to recover.

Sunday, Lazy Sunday.

My friend, her roommate and I woke up and 11am and we hit the Melrose Trading Post. It’s a pretty great setup held in the parking lot of Fairfax High. $2 a head entrance fee, the money goes to the high school to help with afterschool programs. You can find anything there. My friend scored a chair which she fell in love with and continued to talk about her deal all day. Honestly it’s a cool chair and she got a killer deal on it so its all good.

Continuing the day on a high we decided to head to Venice Beach to see the boardwalk. Well we tried to see the boardwalk…parking in Venice Beach as in most of the LA area is a bitch. We ended up in Santa Monica Promenade, checking the stores looking for a red carpet look for my friend and her roommate. One place to check out is Barney’s Beanery. Awesome food and a great hole in the hall atmosphere. Make sure you see the motorcycle over the bar.

Heading back to West Hollywood we stopped at the local Starbucks. I saw three people working on their screenplays…so Hollywood.

After recharging, my friend and I headed to sound mixer’s neck of the woods for some the best mexican food in LA. Los Toros 21743 Devonshire Street in Chatsworth, CA 91311 is awesome and huge!!!! Check it out. Love the carne asada.

Monday Last day and my museum day

So stoked to see the Peterson Automotive Museum, after driving by it over the weekend. After walking 30 mins to Miracle Mile and entering the museum only to find out that is closed on Monday’s. AGGGRRRHH!!!!!! I was able to snap some pics.

Note: I want this car!!!!!!!

Figured I was in the neighorhood I would check out LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). Note: they don’t open till Noon. It was 11am. I started walking around and stumbled upon the La Brea Tar Pits. It’s free to walk around, but the Page Museum no. The day I was there it must have been LA County School’s field trip day. Some of the kids and a few of the parents thought I was a docent of the museum. Didn’t help that I was wearing a suit.

Walked and shot some stuff of an hour.


The museum is awesome…the people are hit or miss. I really love the art from Mesoamerican to 20th Century. I shot some of my favorites.

I love Fredrick Remington….his paintings are just as good as his scuptures

Okkkkk…..I love me some Superman but Mayan god he is not.

What the hell is the Devil thinking?

After walking for almost 2 and half hours straight, I had to get a Mountain Dew before I came homicidal. After recovering and packing, it was off to In N Out for one last burger and to the airport to go home.